Melanie Rider:Stylist

Year started in profession:   1999   Year started with HQ: 2006

Education/Experience: I have been a professional stylist for over 14 years. Hair is like a canvas for me. It’s my art. I love the process of transforming someone from “start to finish”. I learned from my mom that great hair is not just an accessory; that great hair is the key to feeling beautiful. I have master skills training in men’s cutting, women’s cutting, highlights, color, balayage, ombre, styling, keratin treatments and waxing. I am truly passionate about my career. I continue to take classes to stay on top of current trends and bring ideas back to my clients. As a stylist, I believe in honesty, patience, and creativity. Those three things help me produce great results for my clients.                

Interest/About me: I love being with family. I love the outdoors and nature.

Rose Robinson: Stylist

Year started in profession:  2010   Year started with HQ:  2012

Education/Experience:   I am a graduate of The Brown Aveda Institute of Cosmetology. I am passionate about continuously pursuing further education both in and out of the salon, focusing on extensive knowledge of hair cutting, color formulation and application techniques. I am always keeping an eye out for new trends and fun twists on classic styles.

Interest/About me:  I have a creative mind and want to know more about everything. I am in love with life and all that comes with it.  I am an Earth lover, dog owner, rock n’ roller and cinephile for life!

Louise (Elizabeth) Elsezy: Stylist

Year started in profession:  2014   Year started with HQ:  2014

Education/Experience:   I graduated from The Brown Aveda Institute of Cosmetology with a managing cosmetologist license in July of 2014.

Interest/About me:  I am a veteran, having served in active duty in the Army from 2008-2012. I was stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX. I love music and traveling. I possess strong interpersonal skills and I am very passionate about everything I do.


Alison Knittel: Stylist

Year started in profession:  2008   Year started with HQ:  2008

Education/Experience:   I am a graduate of The Brown Aveda Institute of Cosmetology. I am one of HQ’s Creative Directors. I am also a color coach and a styling coach. I have completed Systems Training and Advanced Color Training. I am an experienced Salon Coordinator with knowledge in Salon/Spabiz software. My favorite styling technique is round brushing.  

Interest/About me:  I participate in continuing education on a regular basis to stay on top of current trends. I love new color, makeup and fashion trends.

Eliot Standen: Stylist

Year started in profession:  2010   Year started with HQ:  2010

Education/Experience:   Aveda trained for Cosmetology School.  I have taken Aveda Education for four years with a focus on haircutting. I am an Artistic level stylist in charge of haircutting education for HQ. I attended Sassoon Master Class in 2013. I won the Hairbrained/Sassoon Academy “Cell phone shoot out” in 2013. I attended Sassoon ABC in 2014. I was backstage at Aveda Mid-America Hair Show in 2014.

Interest/About me:   I love cats, fishing and outdoors, and knitting. I am a hair nerd. I love hair! My Instagram portfolio is @Eliot_Standen

Kelly Frindt: Stylist

Year started in profession:  2006   Year started with HQ:  2006

Education/Experience:   I am a graduate of The Brown Aveda Institute of Cosmetology and manager program. I have been a certified Aveda coach for 7 years, specializing in color. I’m always up for a change. I learn something new every day and will always push myself to be better.      

Interest/About me:  I love being creative at work and at home. I always have a project going. I love, love, love animals! I have two cats that I take pictures of as much as most people take pictures of their kids!  I play sand volleyball in the summer and I like to stay active and fit. 

nancy bruce.jpg

Nancy Bruce: Stylist

Year started in profession:  1981   Year started with HQ:  2007

Education/Experience:   I am an Artistic level stylist. I have been in the hair industry for over 30 years. I have taught women’s short hair cutting classes for HQ, specializing in razor cutting. I also specialize in relaxers for ethnic hair and keratin treatments. I am a full service stylist: color, cut and finish.

Joanna Gifford: Stylist

Year started in profession:  2003   Year started with HQ:  2004

Education/Experience:   I have over 11 years experience as a stylist.  I am a Creative Director at HQ Salon & Spa. I am a certified color coach. I have taken both Aveda Business classes as well as Advanced Hair Cutting and Color classes. It’s important to me to stay ahead of current trends.                                                                                                      

Interest/About me:  I’m a serious foody! I am a passionate colorist and I love to do great hair!

Angela Gidlin: Stylist

Year started in profession:  2011   Year started with HQ:  2012

Education/Experience:   I graduated The Brown Aveda Institute as a Managing Cosmetologist. I have taken the Advanced Women’s and Men’s clipper/scissor cutting classes. I have also taken the Advanced Color classes. I have completed the ABC Vidal Sassoon cutting curriculum.    

Interest/About me:   I enjoy spending time with my dogs, my family and friends. I also enjoy working out, cars, baking and shopping.


Melissa Kellogg: Stylist

Year started with HQ:  2009

Education/Experience:   I graduated the Douglas J. Aveda Institute with a manager’s license. I have taken Aveda color and cutting classes. I am an Aveda cutting coach specializing in Bob style haircutting which I have a passion for. I love texturized haircuts. I continue my education to stay on top of current trends. 

Interest/About me:   I love fashion and decorating/Interior Design. I love to travel and I also love photography.

Megan Pohorence: Salon Manager

Year started with HQ:  2015

Education/Experience: I graduated from Amherst Steele High School in 2014 and went on to study at Eastern Michigan University. After that, I decided to continue my education at Vanity School of Cosmetology where I learned a great deal about the beauty industry that I use to help guests here at HeadQuarters every day. I am currently a student at Lorain County Community College and on track to graduate with a certification in Phlebotomy in April 2017.

Interest/About me: I love to spend time with my family and fur-babies...I am a die-hard animal lover! In 2016 I am expecting my first baby, and I am so excited to be a mom!

Raluca Sasu: Next Generation Stylist

Year started with HQ:  2015

Education/Experience:  I graduated from Brown Aveda Institute in Rocky River, where I took courses in Aveda Haircutting Curriculum, Aveda Men Start to Finish Haircutting, Integration Haircutting, Shellac Manicure, Relaxation Massage, and Essential Facial and Advanced Waxing. I am also certified in HED--Keratin Smoothing Treatment as well as Aveda Makeup. I also attended an Advanced Hair Color Class with Ian Michael Black, the Aveda Global Artistic Director for 2015, and participated as a hair stylist at Earth Month Aveda Fashion Show.

Interest/About me: I love to spend time with my son and husband, be outdoors, and absolutely love, love, LOVE the sun! My family and friends are very important in my life. Hair color is also a passion of mine and I always try to improve myself and learn about everything that is new and trending.

Mia Haslage: Assistant Salon Manager

Year Started with HQ: 2016

Education/Experience: I am a student at Cleveland State University, studying special education.

Interest/About Me: In my free time I like to walk my dog and craft. I also love to play soccer. I have been playing for the last 15 years. My new hobby is cross fit.  I love to work out! I have been using Aveda products for years and am obsessed, which  is why I love this job so much! 


Montana Wilson: Stylist

Year started in profession:  2017   
Year started with HQ:  2018

Education/Experience: I am a graduate of the  Aveda Institute of Tampa Bay.  Art and music have been a part of my life since the age of seven, and my love for the arts lives on through my profession. Hair is my art. I love transforming people, making people feel beautiful, and being creative while doing hair.I am truly passionate about my career and look forward to continuing to grow as an artist. 

Interest/About Me:  I am a musician, playing both violin and French horn from a young age. I love cats, jazz music, and cooking good food.